Car transport wagon Laaeffrs 561 – DB Cargo

Innovative car transport wagons with higher loading efficiency for SUVs, vans and transporters as well as being suitable for other vehicles

Innovative components

A range of innovative components will be installed in the IFW and their effects in terms of noise, energy consumption and cost-effectiveness tested during the course of the project. The following shows which innovative components will be installed in the various IFWs. During selection of these components and negotiations with suppliers, great care was taken to ensure that, generally speaking, even on completion of the contract research, the selected components can be economically deployed in existing and new rolling stock. That is to say, components that were technically interesting, but insufficiently cost-effective from a current perspective, are not being trialed in the IFWs.

Technical specifications
Specific operational purpose Large passenger car models, minibuses & pickups, etc.
Max. passenger car height (two-storey) approx. 1.990 mm (depending on the available clearance gauge)
Length over buffers 33.000 mm
Loading length (lower loading level) 32.180 mm
Loading length (upper loading level) 32.550 mm
Max. payload approx. 36 t
Number of axles 4