Special features of 80 ft container wagon Sggnss – VTG

  • Weight compensation of heavier, innovative components by means of weight-optimized design
  • Designed for 25 t wheelset load (previous model 22.5 t RSL) with identical unladen weight
  • Greatest possible variety of container combinations
Innovative components

A range of innovative components will be installed in the IFW and their effects in terms of noise, energy consumption and cost-effectiveness tested during the course of the project. The following shows which innovative components will be installed in the various IFWs. During selection of these components and negotiations with suppliers, great care was taken to ensure that, generally speaking, even on completion of the contract research, the selected components can be economically deployed in existing and new rolling stock. That is to say, components that were technically interesting, but insufficiently cost-effective from a current perspective, are not being trialed in the IFWs.

The rubber suspension and the radial adjustability of the wheels are expected to have a positive impact on noise and energy consumption, as well as reduce wear.

The disc brakes are significantly lighter compared to existing disc brakes, so that this brake technology can be used without generating any significant loss in load capacity and thus, loss of productivity.

Additional innovative components
Technical specifications
Length over buffers 25.940 mm
Length of loading area 24.700 mm
Width of loading area 2.500 mm
Height of loading area 1.155 mm
Distance between bogies 19.300 mm
Smallest curve radius in block train 150 m
Smallest curve radius of single wagon 75 m
Wheelset diameter 920 mm
Unladen weight 22,3 t
Max. payload 67,7 t
Max. total weight 90 t