Overall, a total of 12 innovative freight wagons representing four different wagon types were developed and manufactured as prototypes.

The German/European freight wagon fleet is extremely heterogeneous and consists of a large number of freight wagons for a wide range of operational purposes. As well as a range of different coachworks, the freight wagons are also fitted with various configurations of running gear. In addition to 4-axle bogie freight wagons, there is also a large number of 2-axle and 6-axle freight wagons currently deployed in Germany/Europe. During selection of the four freight wagon types to be used during this research project, the consortium therefore took great care to ensure that they covered the broadest possible spectrum of freight wagon types.

6-axle flat wagon BraCoil
Saghmmns-ty – DB Cargo

DB Cargo developed the 6-axle flat wagon type for the transport of steel products. The flat wagon is multifunctional and, as well as steel slabs, it can transport steel coils and containers, and enables the switching of loads without the need for any adaptation of the wagon.

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80 ft container wagon Sggnss – VTG

An 80 ft container wagon was developed as intermodal wagon, whereby particular focus was placed on the weight-optimized design. This weight saving is also required in order to ensure that the deployment of innovative, but heavy, components does not reduce the payload.

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Tank wagon Zacens – VTG

VTG Rail Europe GmbH develops prototypes of a new generation of tank and intermodal wagons. Offering the same loading volume, the innovative tank wagon Zacens will be considerably shorter than the previous model. This was possible thanks to a bigger tank diameter and the use of a new tank material. Overall, the new tank wagon will also be considerably lighter in order to compensate for the installation of additional components, such as wheel noise absorbers, noise skirts, etc.

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Car transport wagon Laaeffrs 561 –
DB Cargo

DB Cargo has developed a new, 2×2-axle, open car transport wagon. The innovative wagon achieves a very high loading efficiency, particularly when transporting high and heavy vehicles (such as SUVs, vans, transporters), while also being ideal for the transport of other cars. The Laaeffrs 561 has a flexibly adjustable upper loading level and adjustable elements on the lower loading level and is characterized by its wagon length of 33,000 mm.

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Automatic center buffer coupler

The 12 IFWs and 8 reference vehicles have been fitted with two different types of automatic center buffer couplers, as have three freight wagons of the demonstrator train. Automatic couplers from Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA (Scharfenberg coupler) and Faiveley Transport Schwab AG (Schwab coupler) were used for this purpose. These were adapted from their use in passenger transport to suit the requirements of goods transport.

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