In October 2017, within the scope of an invitation to tender by the BMVI, PROSE was commissioned to measure noise and energy levels during the “Innovative Freight Wagons” project in order to ensure a metrological evaluation of the results that was independent of the principal contracting authority.
In January/February 2018, at the test and validation center Wegberg-Wildenrath, the innovative freight wagons underwent comprehensive measurements to establish noise emissions, as well as preliminary tests to determine levels of energy consumption.
The focus of these investigations was to find out how the various wheel set configurations influenced the noise behavior of the wagons. For this purpose, the following measurements were taken:

  • Standard-compliant measurements of vehicle noise as per EN ISO 3095 at a 7.5 m distance to the track center for an evaluation with emphasis on TSI NOI 1304/2014/EU
  • Investigative measurements of vehicle noise based on EN ISO 3095:
    • Measurements at 3 m distance to track center for better differentiation of bogies and wheelsets
    • Measurements in track curve at 3 m distance to track center
    • Measurements at non-standard speeds (60 km/h, 100 km/h)
  • Microphone array measurements for the localization of sound sources on bogies and wagons by means of so-called “acoustic thermal images”.Within the scope of these test runs on the test ring, and parallel to the noise measurements, preliminary investigations were carried out to determine the energy efficiency of the various wagons unladen.

Further course of action:
In order to obtain conclusive data on the acoustic behavior of the innovative freight wagons over the course of a set period, further noise control studies are being carried out at regular intervals during the field test on a TSI reference track as per the provisions of EN ISO 3095 and within the scope of one-day measurement campaigns.
Further measurements are also being taken during the field test to determine the influence of the ep-light brake on energy consumption. In October 2018, a second measurement campaign is planned on the test ring in Wegberg-Wildenrath, during which the focus will be on an energy analysis of the innovative freight wagons when they are loaded. New noise measurements will also be taken and compared with the results of the first measurement campaign on the test ring and those taken during the field test.


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